Navigating EcoSystem


Navigation is fairly intuitive.

Below we review

  • Module Navigation
  • General Navigation,
  • In-Page Navigation and
  • Learn about the Editor.

Tip! If not sure, just click on something.

Module Navigation

EcoSystem functionality is split into modules. For example modules for Environment Management, Booking Management, Enterprise Release etc. You navigate the modules by using the navigation tree on the left hand side.

Note: Each module has a set of sub-menus, the default being Home|Report|Management.


General Navigation

Here are some quick tips based on the solution design:

  1. Open / Hide Navigation Pane
  2. Search for a Page e.g. “Booking”
  3. Navigate to a Module & Page
  4. Object Search e.g. Search for information about “GDW”
  5. Save a Page as a Favorite (favorites will appear under Search in Navigation Pane)
  6. See Notifications
  7. Go to Master Calendar
  8. Support Pages e.g. Support Home Page, Integration Page, Community Forum, Module Permissions & Class Definitions and Workflow Definitions. Note: The definitions pages are “Read Only” unless you have admin privileges.


 The above screenshot is from the Enterprise Ultron Edition. In the Ultron Edition, you will find that every module has a sub-tree structure (Home + Reports + Management). Home is used for executive & activity dashboards, reports is insights focused and management is focused on adding/editing data specific to that module.

In-Page Navigation

  1. Top area is often an area to “input/select” a resource.
  2. Banner Buttons are usually read-only (however some offer functionality).
  3. Most Widgets can be displayed as either a Chart or Grids (more detail).
  4. Selecting element / box in a “Chart Key” will toggle it on & off inside chart.
  5. Select a row in the Grid & the “View” button to deep dive into the Editor.
  6. Information in Grids can often be quickly edited “in-line” (no need for Editor). The same goes for information in a matrix table.

Editor Navigation

When inside an object you will be presented with an editor screen that looks like following.

The Editor has 3 windows: A Summary Section, Collaboration Section & Core Section.

The key thing to know about the editor is if its mandatory it has got a “red line”.

  • Complete all mandatory fields (Ref: m’s)
  • Then press submit to save or cancel to leave (Ref: 1).

Note: You will get a warning (Ref: 2) if you make an illegal request (usually caused by missing a mandatory field).

Red line may be seen below cell or above a tab (in collaboration and/or core area).

For example:

Important! You cannot continue navigating EcoSystem until you leave the editor i.e. Cancel or Submit.

Ask the Script Guy

If you're unsure how to do something then please reach out to the enov8 engineering team. We are happy to help you with any problem you have, including automation and integration tasks. The support button (available to Large & Enterprise customers) can be found at the bottom right of your screen.

 Tip! If there is nobody online then just leave a message, we'll get back to you. 





Updated on May 1, 2019

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