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Release Management 101

Release Management is the process responsible for planning, scheduling, and controlling the build, in addition to testing and deploying Releases. Release Management ensures that IS&T delivers new and enhanced IT services required by the business, while protecting the integrity of existing services1.

What is a Release?

A Release (Enterprise/ Platform/Portfolio) is a grouping of Projects from development, to production and implementation. A release generally contains projects that are either related or have dependencies on one another. A release may be executed over an extended period of time, and may involve several child projects within the release to be executed before completion.

A Release also has implementation plans which all projects follow for successful implementation. Enterprise Release types include (Enterprise, Divisional, Infrastructure or Agile).

Release Management Workflow

  1. Create Release
  2. Gate Template / Gate Planning
  3. Create Project (request/approve)
  4. Assign Gate Template to Approved Project
  5. Environment Bookings for Project
  6. Implement Project
  7. Post Implementation Review (PIR)
  8. PIR Actions
Updated on July 2, 2018

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