Installing EcoSystem

Server Install

To install Enov8 EcoSystem, please go to the download area.

The download area contains:

The installation document has three sections describing:

  1. Installation Prerequisites
  2. Installation Steps
  3. Installing a Demo Model (Optional)

Standard installation typically should take less than 15 minutes.

Client Install

Enov8 EcoSystem is web based and requires an HTML 5 browser.

Recommended browsers are:

  • Chrome version 40+
  • Firefox version 34+
  • Opera version 28+

Important: Microsoft browsers are not fully HTML 5 compliant and are not supported.

Sandpit Install

Enov8 EcoSystem is an Enterprise Tool that should reside on a server.

However for evaluation / training you may want to create a sandpit on a workstation.

To turn  your workstation into an enov8 sandpit server then simply do following:

  1. Download VMware workstation Pro from VMware for free trial (30 days)
  2. Download a Windows Server 2016 ISO from Microsoft for free trial (180 days)

Note: ISO will be around 6 GB in size.

  1. Launch VMware Workstation & select “Home / Create New Virtual Machine

Use the downloaded 2016 ISO to create “Windows 2016 Server (Enov8 sandpit)”

Tip: If your creating a sandpit, then use recommended install pre-requisites.

Tip: During install select “Windows Desktop Experience” (for GUI) & “Custom Install”.

  1. Power on the new Virtual Machine & follow “Windows Setup” process
  2. Once operational install HTML 5 browser i.e. Chrome, Firefox or Opera.
  1. Follow Enov8’s normal installation instructions.



Updated on March 25, 2019

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